Competitive Arts, Inc was founded by Tom Schrader in April 2005.

Tom has been involved in the wireless industry since 1996, holding many key positions on the agent side of a wireless business. Tom spent two years in sales as an inside sales representative and another year as an outside sales representative. Another three years was spent as a sales manager. His sales career culminated at the level of General Manager of a statewide region for a wireless agent.

At this point, Tom realized that the Point of Sale system in use was not being used to its potential and started an IT department.

Running the IT department, Tom was responsible for overseeing email servers, web servers, store computers, but more importantly maintaining data integrity within the Point of Sale system and performing the company reconciliations for carrier commissions. Through the next three years, Tom developed a complete rounded picture of how an agent interacts with a wireless carrier giving him the skill set necessary to dynamically increase profits for his employer.

In late 2004, a picture of a service orientated company begin to come into focus. The vision that came to be was of a company that was not completely unlike a Professional Employment Organization (PEO). While large companies may outsource their Human Resources department, many companies are forced to outsource simply because it is not cost efficient to maintain an HR department of their own. IT departments are no different. Every company wants professional looking email addresses, a corporate and public website, and a well maintained Point of Sale system. The resources to put these things together can be daunting. Competitive Arts can make an affordable solution to any or all of these problems for firms of all sizes.

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